I love all my followers thank you for being here with me I hope ur day is good and night too and tomorrow.

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Lurkhard + teenage
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See how chill and non competitive your life gets when you don’t judge other girls in how they dress, do their make up, or how many selfies they take. Take a nap by a window, glow up

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What did you think of the wine time episode?

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Earl Stevens Function Red Blend
Price: $14.99
Year: 2012
Region: Northern California
Retailer: Grocery stores (check this store locator)

Rachael Steak Tooth Finley Anderson is one of my favorite people in the world to drink wine with off camera, so it was obviously very fun to drink wine with her on camera.

Check out more episodes of Wine Time here!

Cinematography by Antoin Huynh
Music by Monster Rally
Edited by Claire Gavin

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I’m so excited for funfunfun

Who are you guys seeing?

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123345dklas-deactivated20141015: having tumblr has made me ultra aware of my white privilege and ive learned from past what could've come off as racist mistakes. I follow a lot of social justice bloggers including some poc who degrade white women 2 no end... obvi have kept my mouth (fingers) shut tight but it is some wat offensive and I cant help but think its sort of backwards and not progressive? wanted 2 know wat u think about it


Just because people have a wealth of knowledge about real stuggle (their struggle is generally much more “realer” than ours) doesn’t mean they have a wealth of knowledge on how to handle it appropriately.

I think a prime example of this is the budding feminist trend that also brings out a lot of male bashing. It’s frustrating to me as a women to be totally behind the cause but then also know that there are women WITH IN the movement who aren’t even aware of what theyre doing when they post hatered on public forums because it allows for other people who are uneducated on the topic to be able to point fingers and say things like “see! fem’s hate men!!”

But within fiery topics, like race relations and feminism, there are angry people, there are people who have been hurt and oppressed. And unfortunately that pain  allows them to cross the line of pointing out injustices and demanding change to hatred and judgement towards groups instead of individuals/ or sects within larger group.

Don’t unfollow them and don’t type back because that will just cause a war, you can’t soothe a charging bull with rationale. Just use their hateful words to fuel your own self awareness and growth. See that stuff and think “man, these people are really fucking pissed.. I’d love to help aid in the change”.


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