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You guys! I get your stuff!! Thank you for being so thoughtful. I appreciate you too :)
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Accidentally scared them during their bath


I just dumped the steaktalk inbox.

clean slating.

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Heres maybe some stuff you didn’t know about teenage
something I learned was that if your dude call you his ‘girl’ then you are forever copy edited into being his girlfriend. No word on how ‘dude’ will be interpreted yet.
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I found a way to print a GIRLS knit sweater on sizes XL and 2X for fall .. but the colors don’t POP* as much on the fabric as they do on the smaller sizes.. because of the knit needing to be pulled tighter across the screen.

*the black is a dark dark charcoal and the red is a tomato instead of a crimson

Im trying to hold it down 4 u & Im really happy to be able to offer this.. but is this still ok with my curvy beauties?

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