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Girl Gang
Shout out to Girl Gangs: NASTY GAL

"It’s hot; it feels like summer. I wanna go to Hawaii with a bunch of sluts.

Well, not just any sluts. I wanna go to Hawaii with my sluts, my main crew, my best bitches, my girl gang…

I remember my first girl crew—or really, my first girl “duo” because we hadn’t found anyone else who got “it” yet… whatever “it” is? I dunno, but we had IT. In 11th grade, my best friend and I had our first taste of being on the opposite side of heartbreak. Because you know how in high school a break up is more of a social event (production) than it ever will be again.  We both had some how managed to come out on top of breakups at around the same time, leaving a scummy and now-grieving boy in the dust while we enjoyed the final months of school as beautiful, single, social butterflies. We won.

And what’s a better way to celebrate a victory with your best friend that leaves your ego feeling A+?  Go to the mall and have hoodies printed up for $25 with big, cracked hearts on the front and the words “It’s not me, it’s you” printed on the back. Oh, and wear them to school at the same time—probably too many days in a row—strutting slowly past the bench where our exes sat together at lunch….”

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